VIP (Very Important Pooch) Daycare Club

The new model of doggie daycare

You and your dog will LOVE being VIP members….call 714-821-6622 now to join.
Our off-leash daycare membership club offers a unique combination of:

  • Playtime with other dogs

  • Individualized attention with our staff

  • Fun activities that are hand-selected just for your dog

  • Focused on fun and the well-being of your dog

  • One attendant cares for only six dogs which allows lots of time and attention to your dog

  • Limited membership

  • Discounts on boarding and other services

Rather than just putting dogs out in a group, we take the time to find out what YOUR dog really loves and rotate his time with us among several activities tailored specifically for your dog.

We are committed to understanding group dog behavior and educating all our staff on safe and humane management techniques that use positive reinforcement. But most importantly, our VIP program has been created to provide a day of fun and individualized care to your dog each day. Your dog will be treated like one of the family!

We are proud members of The Dog Gurus, the best educational resource available on off-leash dog play. You and your dog will love the difference in our playgroups where safety and fun is the measure of success and every dog in the Club gets a program tailored to what he or she really wants to do the most.

For more information, click here. Or call 714-821-6622 – spaces are limited so act fast!