Daycare and Training

Enriched Play

We know that it can be hard to live without your dog so as an alternative to the Board & Train program we offer training during daycare. The content of our Daycare and Training programs are similar to our Board & Train programs but you will pick your dog up each day. After dropping off your dog at our resort in the morning, our trainers will work on basic manners and/or behavior problems during the day and your dog will get a chance to play with friends as well (social dogs), then you will take your dog back home with you each night. We will provide you with a daily report card of the day’s training so you can be consistent at home. We also do private sessions with you to ensure training is going well at home, too.

Daycare and Training is also excellent for dogs needing work on social skills as we can offer safe, controlled interactions which will help build your dog’s confidence.

We offer:

  • 20-day course covers name response and attention, plus sit, come, down, and walking on leash (with management equipment such as gentle leader or no-pull harness). We will also work on common problems such as play-biting and jumping up. Includes four private sessions at our facility with your dog’s personal trainer.
  • 30-day course builds on the 20-day course to solidify behaviors plus the addition of place, and stay. Includes six private sessions at our facility with your dog’s personal trainer.