Group Classes

Let the games begin

Classes can be a great way to begin socializing and training your puppy or adult dog. We offer a number of different classes which will help you get the most out of your dog. Low rates and small class sizes make group classes a popular option (group classes are not appropriate for aggressive dogs). And it’s a great way to meet other dog owners and set up play dates for your dogs!

Current classes offered:

DOG BEHAVIOR AND TRAINING 101 – For dogs four months and older with current vaccines Help your dog become a well‐behaved family member without the use of fear or intimidation (no choke chains/prong collars). Learn a variety of real‐life rewards and consequences, and how to decrease rewards as behaviors are learned. Class covers foundation behaviors, basic commands used in real life, and more!

DOG BEHAVIOR AND TRAINING 201 – For dogs five and one-half months and up with no previous training
Continue to enhance your relationship with your dog by building on the foundation behaviors you learned in our 101 class. Practice more advanced real‐life commands with added distance, duration, distractions and more! Vaccines must be current.

AGILITY FOR FUN – For dogs of all ages
Your dog will learn to safely negotiate the agility course equipment while having fun and getting great exercise for the body and mind. This is a non-competition level. Prerequisite: reliable response to basic cues of “sit,” “down,” and “stay.”

NOSE WORK – SIX WEEKS – For dogs of all ages
This class is designed to develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise. This will help to build your dog’s confidence and also burn tons of mental and physical energy. You will learn how to read your dog and pick up subtle signals that your dog communicates when on the trail of the scent. Fun for you and your dog.

THERAPY DOG – Prerequisites apply – see information below
A therapy dog preparation class provides opportunities for motivational, educational, recreational, and therapeutic benefits to enhance quality of life for people in various institutions. You and your dog will develop the skills needed to safely visit hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms and other facilities, where you can participate in the treatment process. Prerequisites: attention to handler, lived with owner for longer than six months, no aggressive   behavior to animals or people, and reliable response to basic cues of “come,” “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and walking on a leash. Call our office if you are unsure about any of these requirements.