We treat your dog as if they are one of our own.

We treat your dog as if they are one of our own. Our staff knows that activity and interaction with people and other dogs is what keeps dogs happy and healthy. However, each dog is unique and some crave their own little perks during their stay at Crossroads Pet Resort. We’ve created an à la carte menu of perks that you can choose from to enhance your four-legged family member’s visit with us.

These amenities are available while your dog is with us:

Additional Private Exercise
A specialized 15-minute private play time for your dog in our large, outdoor grass play yard with one of our pet care technicians. Choose from a variety of activities for your dog to do such as fetch, chase bubbles, nose work and more!

Bedtime Stories
Who doesn’t enjoy a little one-on-one time at the end of the evening? We offer your best friend a chance to settle in for the night with a snack and 10-minute bedtime story

Great for dogs with long and/or silky coats; we offer 10-minutes of gentle brushing to help keep their coat tangle free.

Kong Time/Stuffed Bone
A little something extra for your dog during rest times or at bed time. We will fill a Kong with appropriate dog goodies or give your dog a stuffed bone to munch on.

Letter Home
To help you stay in touch with your dog during their visit. We’ll provide you with an email update on how they’re doing.

Neighborhood Walk
For dogs who like to get out about town. A trainer or pet care attendant will take your dog for a 15-minute on-leash walk around the neighborhood and surrounding shopping areas.

We get to serve as Pawparazzi for your special dog. We’ll post a picture on Facebook showing your star enjoying their own vacation, which you can then share with family and friends.

Who doesn’t love some extra attention? We will give your dog 10 minutes of quiet cuddling, petting, and tender loving care with one of our pet care technicians.