VIP (Very Important Pooch) Daycare Club Details

Those of us who have been in the industry since the inception of doggie daycare have learned some important lessons about keeping dogs safe:

  • Large groups of dogs are at greater risk for injury.
  • Dogs can get overly tired and overly stimulated by playing all day without adequate rest which puts them at greater risk for illness.
  • Dogs can also become bored from the same routine.

So we have taken the “Off-Leash Play Pet Center Safety Pledge” and have created a new model of daycare that is focused on the health and safety of the dogs while still incorporating the fun. In taking the pledge we strive to ensure the physical safety of each dog and our goal is for every dog to go home from our daycare behaviorally and emotionally better than when they arrived.

What does the new model look like?

  • Smaller playgroups – allows your dog to have a higher quality of play for shorter periods of time
  • More rest breaks – studies have proven that dogs must have frequent rest breaks throughout the day to maintain emotional and physical health
  • Individual activities and play sessions based on YOUR dog’s needs and desires
  • Daily report card so you know how your dog spent his or her day and with who
  • Only six dogs per every attendant

Because Our VIP Daycare Club provides services that are unique and rare, it is a membership only program. It is open to all dogs; however, due to limited space and staff, membership is limited and reservations are required.

Membership has its privileges:

  • Guaranteed daycare spot
  • Wallflowers and non-social or semi-social dogs that are not candidates for regular daycare can come and have fun at our daycare
  • Guaranteed boarding reservation
  • No holiday surcharge or prime rates
  • 10% off food purchases
  • 10% off training services

Our VIP program and pricing:

  • Annual membership fee: $179/year
  • Membership is non-refundable
  • Daily rate: $47
  • Reservations are required
  • No refund or credit for cancellations or no-shows
  • Can switch days with advance notice pending availability
  • Prepay at 1st of each month for minimum of three visits. Subsequent visits available upon request and availability and may be paid with each visit.
  • May lose membership spot if less than three visits per month