The Truth about Canine Flu

News about the Canine Influenza is causing concern among dog owners. We thought we would share some facts about the “flu” because knowledge is key to keeping our dogs safe. While the flu should not be taken lightly, it important to understand that most dogs will recover within a few weeks with proper veterinary care. Because the canine flu spreads much like any other virus, dogs can be exposed even if they do not go to dog parks, boarding... Read More


Here is a poem, written by trainer Sandi Thompson, which heartbreakingly describes what happens to dogs that do not receive proper training. PLEASE, if you or someone you know is thinking of relinquishing a dog, contact us for help. Mention this blog and receive a FREE evaluation (normally a $35 fee). Contact us at 714-821-6622. Do I Go Home Today? –Written By Sandi Thompson My family brought me home cradled in their arms. They cuddled me and... Read More

The Use of Punishment for Behavior Modification

The philosophy at Crossroads Pet Resort, home of Best Behavior Training, is that training should focus on reinforcing desired behaviors, removing any reinforcement for undesired behaviors and changing the emotional state of the dog that is driving any undesirable behavior. This approach is supported by the American Veterinary Society of Veterinary Behavior (AVSAB) in their Position Statement on the Use of Punishment for Behavior Modification. In this... Read More

Born to Run?

Dogs are our best friends and many people enjoy taking their dog with them when they run, roller-blade, bike or hike. While most dogs will be thrilled to have their leash hooked on and will explode with joy over the upcoming outing, they may or not actually be able to handle the task. Before engaging in any type of endurance exercise, your dog should have reached maturity and his growth plates should have closed. Although it depends on the breed,... Read More

Get Up and Get Moving!

In the U.S. , excess calories and minimal movement are creating a health crisis for both people and dogs. Not only people, but our dogs and cats too are suffering from being overweight or obese. Some research suggests 40% of our dogs are overweight and they suffer from the same complications that overweight people do such as joint pain and heart disease. It is often a daunting task just to get started with an exercise program. Many programs recommend... Read More

All I Want For Christmas…..

The holidays are upon us, and, if you are anything like me, your dogs will be receiving holiday gifts too. (It isn’t just me that does this, right??). But before you order that really cute squeaky toy for your pit bull, or that yummy meat bone fo buy kamagra r your old lab, give some thought to what the best toys actually would be for your particular dog. The type of toy you purchase must reflect your dog’s age, size, and breeding. The pressure... Read More

Buyer Beware

The pet training industry is seriously lacking in any type of governing body that provides certification to trainers or behaviorists. At present, anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a dog trainer and, in most cases, an animal beha Viagra online without prescription viorist as well. This is a cause of concern because there is also a lack of education to the general pet-owning public about the differences between a dog trainer and an... Read More

Job Description: Couch Potato*

What does your dog do all day while you are away at work? For that matter, what does your dog do all day when you are home?? The answer for most dogs is……sleep. Have you ever just sat and watched your dog? Sometimes when I just sit and wa how to work at home tch TV or read a book (or play the piano or garden, etc.), I look over at my dogs and feel remorseful that I am “entertaining” myself and they are…….sleeping. Sometimes it “guilts”... Read More

The Simple Solution to Dog Behavior Problems??

Does your dog bark, jump up, dig, pull on leash, or perform some other unwanted behavior? The good news, according to many training “experts” is that solving these problems is easy. If you want to solve any behavior problem your dog might ha buy viagra in canada ve, all you have to do is remember one simple rule: dogs repeat behaviors that pay off for the dog. That is, if the behavior is reinforced, the dog will continue to repeat the behavior.... Read More

Learning, motivation, and Rewards

Learning is motivational. Here are some facts: Those who are engaged in a subject matter by the instructor will enjoy the process and learn more than those who are bored to tears during instruction. Motiva cheap cialis online tion ( Purchase cialis online and learning) is enhanced when the information to be taught is organized in a way that is meaningful to the individual. Feedback and reinforcement increase motivation. Incentives... Read More