A strategic vision is a document that tells a story about the ultimate purpose of a company.  From reading it, we understand who we serve best, how we serve them best, and why it is truly worthwhile to work here. This is ours and it is designed to let us all know how we fit into Crossroad Pet Resort’s story in meaningful ways. It is meant to be used by everyone, on a regular daily basis, to help us clearly understand not only our work, but also how our work impacts the lives of our customers – that is, how our actions will improve the happiness and satisfaction of our clients and the quality of life of their pets.

We are excited about this vision. Thank you for taking the time to read it and we hope you find your place in it.

Who We Serve Best

The type of clients that we should serve best are the ones who consider their pets as part of the family and want only the best for them. They want to be educated; they want their dogs to be well-behaved canine citizens and are willing to work to that goal; they want their dogs to be well-socialized; they believe that pet ownership is life-long and are willing to do what it takes to provide excellent quality of life throughout the life of their pet.  People like Joyce Hickerson for example. She brought Indy to us when he was just a pup. She had found him next to a dumpster and took him in but knew that he needed training and she needed proper guidance. After researching trainers on the internet, she came across our website and liked what she saw. Almost 8 years later, Indy still comes to Crossroads and both he and Joyce have become part of our family. In fact, when Joyce needed to go have major surgery, she chose Crossroads as the place for Indy to stay for an extended time during her surgery and after while she was recuperating and too weak to be able to care for him.  Knowing Indy was in good hands was one less thing she had to worry about.  When choosing Crossroads, our clients want Peace of Mind and Outstanding Service.

What is Peace of Mind? If you dropped your beloved best friend off for boarding, how would you feel? Anxious? Guilty? Stressed? Apprehensive? These are likely some of the feelings clients go through and it is our job to give them the ability to relax, to let them know that their pet is in not only good hands, but the best hands, receiving the best care and having fun while they are away. They want to be reassured that they are doing the best they can for their pet and that in their absence, their pet matters to us. In short, that they can trust us.

To be able to build their trust in us, we must show them that we truly know them and their pets.  We make every effort to learn their likes and dislikes and those of their pets, we share stories, and we care about what goes on in their lives. We listen to them. We treat them with courtesy, professionalism and respect. If they have concerns, they know we will work to understand and resolve their concerns. We deliver consistently and always exceed their expectations. When we do all of this, we provide them with outstanding service.

How We Serve Them Best

Service starts from Word of Mouth, from Vet referrals, from on-line search engines and reviews – these are all positive, initial introductions to Crossroads but as soon as that client, or potential client, makes that first contact, it is up to us to start building that trust, offering that peace of mind and providing that outstanding service.

We understand that every inquiry, every call, is a chance to sell our services. It is a chance to make a client or potential client happy knowing the staff at Crossroads truly cares. Every call is returned within 2 hours. Every client is treated as if he or she were our ONLY client. They are made to feel welcome, important, and are our sole focus. We want them to be clients for the life of their pet and for generations after. The Perkoski’s and their dog Evie are a good example of how this can happen. They had been taking Evie to another facility but when that facility closed, they found Crossroads. They were very apprehensive because Evie is frightened of new people and new places. Even after the first few visits, when they brought Evie in for daycare she was timid about entering and the Perkoskis were worried she was not adjusting. Our front staff told them that once they left Evie was a different dog; that she came out of her shell and had a great time playing. To put their minds at ease and to show them we were not just making this up to make them feel better, they were invited to the back to observe Evie and sure enough….Evie was romping and playing without a care in the world. The owners were thrilled and relieved to know that she was having fun while they were at work. It wasn’t long after that that Evie started prancing right up to the front door whenever she came for daycare!

This is standard practice for us. New owners and regular clients alike all get the same quality care and service. We start by listening to the owners and learning about their pet. We take the time to explain what we offer and why we are the right choice. We invite them for a tour and greet them as if they were old friends when they arrive. When they enter our facility, they notice how clean it is. They notice it does not smell like animals. We make them feel comfortable. We tell them our story – how Dan became the owner, and about how he has been training dogs for over 35 years. We stress that we are trainers and behavior experts so we understand pet behavior and body language and we make sure that the comfort level of each pet is monitored; we explain that pets are moved to the area that is best for each one and that sometimes that spot is actually up in the office with the office staff! We tell them that we monitor food intake, do daily “health checks”, and spend lots of time handling each pet. We show them the outside grass play yards with dogs romping happily together. We assure the owners of non-social dogs that we will see that they too get out to the yard with a real person for some one-on-one play time. Cat owners are shown the quiet cat condos and options for their cat.  By the time they leave, they want to bring their pet here.

Training inquiries are handled quickly and promptly with a sense of purpose and understanding that the potential client would not be calling if they were not in need of help. We help them understand how to choose a trainer, what services we offer, why we are the right choice for them and guide them into the right decision for their dog.

When the client drops off their pet, they are again greeted with a warm smile and “hello” and they are reassured that their pet will be well cared for. We do this not only through our words, but through the efficient and professional check-in process that shows them we know what we are doing. We provide them with phone numbers and our email so they can check on their pet while away.  We speak in a gentle and inviting manner to their pet. If their pet is nervous, we take the time to let it relax and become our friend before securing it in a comfortable, suitable, climate appropriate enclosure with plenty of fresh water, proper meals, warm bedding in the winter and a place to cool off in the summer.

If a dog is here for training, a trainer takes the time to meet with the client and discuss their goals. They address any concerns and educate the client on training and provide realistic expectations. We never sell a client something they do not need but we are honest in our assessment and prognosis. Our trainers conduct follow-up sessions where they efficiently transfer what the dog has learned over to the client and they ensure that the client has the necessary tools for continuing success at home including a detailed, written report. The trainers are committed to the client and dog’s success. The Roath’s are a good example of this. Dayle and Ken brought their pups Macho and Molly to us for training. We worked with the dogs on a Board & Train program for six weeks and then privately with the family for six more weeks. After that, the trainer kept in touch with the Roath’s just to make sure all was going well. And, because of her level of care and attention, any time they went to their desert vacation home, they asked if she would come out and help them brush up on some training specific to that location and our trainer went. She became an important part of Macho and Molly’s upbringing and the Roath’s treated her like family too. After Macho sadly passed away, we were asked to provide training for their newest addition.

Bonds like this are easily developed after the owners leave and during the pet’s stay with us. All pets are treated with the utmost of care. Nothing is missed.  The initial health checks prior to boarding give us a benchmark for the pet’s condition and any problem is noted and the owner is notified immediately. The proper food is given at the right time and in the right quantity. Medications are closely monitored and dosed. Daily health checks and weekly weights monitor the pet’s condition and daily exercise keeps the pets happy.


Upon check-out, the client is provided with a report card indicating how their pet did. If we noticed any potential issues with their pet, we make sure the family is informed. We return all belongings, food, and medication along with a little personalized tidbit about their pet. We bring them a happy, healthy, tired and clean pet. We help them feel great about choosing Crossroads and they leave knowing their pet received lots of care, love, and attention and look forward to their next visit. The satisfied client is now a part of the Crossroads family and we are part of theirs. They are happy to spread the word and recommend us to their friends and neighbors. In return, we provide them with a $25 gift certificate.

Our Team

For all of this to happen, for us to provide the best, our team has to be the best. Our staff is positive, upbeat, professionally dressed and knows their job inside and out. They undergo extensive training during their first six months of employment and regular “refresher” training thereafter. They know what is expected of them and they consistently deliver. They are dedicated to learning.  Our staff is required to spend at least 10 minutes per day to strategically examine and grade their work. They are encouraged to continually improve their performance and by doing so, they help Crossroads grow.

We are dedicated to the animals in our care. We keep an ever watchful eye on each and every one. We treat each pet as if it were our very own. We support and help each other with a ‘can-do’ attitude. We realize that we are here for the animals who count on us for care and comfort.  We all use proper terminology for our services and we are well-versed in communicating them to our prospective clients and current clients alike. Every position has a check-list and every task has a standard operating procedure that is followed by all. Our staff understands where their job fits into our vision and feels a sense of purpose and belonging. We understand that we are making a difference. We provide an engaging work environment where hard work and fun are not mutually exclusive and we reward employees for a job well done.

Why We Do It

Plain and simple: we love animals. We love to see our clients feel good about leaving their 4-legged family members here. We enjoy the process of developing a relationship with each and every pet, knowing that it is up to us to attend to each pet’s individual needs. When we look into the eyes of a pet, we see the soul of that animal and our heart goes out to be the best we can be for the sake of that pet. We go beyond just providing care for our client’s pets; we develop relationships with the client and the pet that will grow and prosper through many generations of pet ownership. We enjoy educating our clients and helping them make better decisions about what is right for their dog or cat. We want their pets to live long, happy, healthy lives. We love it when a client says “my pet loves coming to Crossroads”!  Remember Joyce Hickerson? Well she also asked us to be Indy’s guardians should anything happen to her. When the client truly understands that we care about their pet as much as they do, you know it comes from a place of immense trust and that is humbling and heartwarming and it makes us proud of what we do.

For the owner(s), Crossroads provides a place to grow; something to be proud of both personally and professionally. We love our work and we love our team. We model a high work ethic and an open-door policy where all are welcome to discuss their work, their ideas, and their concerns. We also see a financial return on our investment of time and energy. We are able to be absent for vacations, seminars and other time off as desired to spend with family and friends. The success of Crossroads ensures that it may be sold or passed on as a viable, long-term business and provides for our future retirement.

We believe that pets are family members and that owning a pet is a life-long commitment. We are overwhelmed by the unconditional love that an animal can give to us and we are honored to be able to give that back by caring deeply for each and every one.  And this drives us to always look for ways to improve, to constantly strive be the best we can be and to care more than we have ever cared before.

This is our story. This is Crossroads Pet Resort.


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