Is Dog Training The Career For You?

Pet dog training is a service occupation which often requires that you subordinate your own goals to those of your clients and interaction is primarily with dog guardians, rather than with the dogs themselves. Technical competence as a trainer is of course required, but you apply these skills mostly by proxy through the pet owners, unless you work for a facility that offers boarding and training or daycare and training option. In addition, most professional opportunity in this field involves self employment, so entrepreneurial traits of initiative, marketing and organization are crucial. Much training takes place in the evening and weekends when pet owners are off work, so you must be prepared to give up this time.

Whether you work with behavior problems or simple obedience commands, it is fulfilling to know that you have helped a pet owner understand and communicate with his or her pet through training, may have helped prevent yet another problem dog or cat being relinquished to an animal shelter. Anyone interested in working with pet animals should find an experienced and well-respected mentor in the field and see what options may be available for an apprenticeship. There are many dog-training courses available, but our advice is buyer beware. There is no substitute for hands-on training or working directly with a progressive and experienced behaviorist or trainer. Anyone who would like more information on the training we provide to those interested in a dog training career is encouraged to call.

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