Crossroads Pet Resort & Best Behavior Training from time to time has career opportunities available. Knowledgeable and professional staff is the key to the success of any business. At Crossroads Pet Resort that is especially true and we offer some of the best continuing education and career opportunities in the industry.&We look for employees who are: Energetic animal lovers.
Committed to life long learning.
Dedicated to integrity and honesty.
“Can-do” optimists who make things happen.
Excited about change and opportunities to advance. Team players who go the extra mile for themselves, the pets, their team, and our community.


April 1, 2013: We are looking to fill the following positions:

Kennel attendant – requires previous experience in a boarding facility or veterinary setting.

Senior Trainer – at least 3 years previous hands-on training experience; well-versed in learning theory and terminology and application of same. Clicker-saavy, positive reinforcement based only.

Please contact us for career opportunities. Volunteers are always welcome (18 and older).


10832 Knott Avenue, Stanton, CA 090680