Board & Train Programs (or Bed, Breakfast & Training, as we like to call them) are a great way to get results out of your dog. We utilize fun, effective and motivational techniques based on proven scientific methods to teach your pet obedience commands and to address behavioral issues. All board & train programs allow us to do all the groundwork and then we provide private sessions with the owner to teach the owner what the dog has learned and to transfer that learning to the owner. Each program can be customized to fit your dogs individual needs. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation with a trainer today! Call us for any current specials. We can work with any budget.

  • Four Week Novice Course – covers name response and attention, plus sit, come, down, down-stay, and walking on leash (with management equipment such as gentle leader or no-pull harness). Includes 4 private sessions at our facility with your dog’s personal trainer.
  • Six Week Intermediate Course – covers name, attention, sit, down, come, stay, off , place and walking on leash. Includes 6 private sessions at our facility with your dogs personal trainer.
  • Twelve Week Advanced Course – covers all behaviors in the novice program plus off-leash comes, out-of-sight stays, distance commands, stand, heel and 12 private sessions at our facility with your dog’s personal trainer.

While these courses indicate the commands most commonly desired by our clients, we can tailor your program to fit your dogs individual needs.

Going on Vacation? We can also put together a shorter program to get training started. You will receive a private lesson for each week your dog is here.

Board & Review While your pet is being boarded you can take advantage of the opportunity to have some refresher practice session for those already learned lessons. Ask us for info on refresher lessons while in-kennel boarding. Ready to see how this program can be tailored for your individual needs…set up an evaluation today!

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