Have the Dog you Always Wanted!

Our philosophy at Crossroads Pet Resort is simple…..Every dog can benefit from training and every dog deserves training. Proper dog training can give you the control you need to enjoy your relationship with your dog to the fullest. Nobody wants a dog that is unruly or destructive. Such behaviors not only dampen the relationship between you and your dog, but can also impact your friends, family, and belongings. Don’t let your unruly pooch chase away your guests with jumping or play biting. Don’t come home to yet another newly dug hole in the yard or tear in the couch. Let our positive-reinforcement based dog training techniques show you how to get the most out of your dog so you can develop a bond that will truly last a lifetime.

The most important time for puppy socialization is the first three months of life. The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (ABSAB) believes that the “standard of care for puppies is to receive such socialization before they are fully vaccinated”. At Crossroads, we have a completely enclosed, disinfected, and safe environment in which to start working with puppies. In general, puppies can start training classes as early as 8 weeks of age, with one set of vaccines at least 7 days prior to the first class and a first deworming.

BUT, even if you missed that window of opportunity, pets of any age in good health can be trained.

Crossroads Pet Resort specializes not only in common behavior problems, such as house training, play biting, jumping on people, destructive chewing, barking, and digging, but we also are one of the few facilities who will work all levels of aggression, separation anxiety, fears, and phobias. We also train assistance/service dogs and offer therapy dog classes as well. No matter what your issues or your goals, give us a call for an evaluation to see what we can do for you! With over 30 years of experience that few others can match, we are THE choice for all your training needs.

Training opportunities include:

  • Bed, Breakfast and Training
  • Private Training Sessions in our resort or at your home
  • Daycare and Training
  • Group Classes.
  • Telephone Consultations (canine & feline)

All training, including the bed & breakfast & training and daycare and training, is tailored to meet your needs and that of your dog. Regardless of training program, behavior modification & practical obedience are taught with reward-based, positive methods that are fun and effective for dogs and owners. See why other owners have made us THEIR choice for all training needs.

Not sure what you need? Call NOW to set up an evaluation (714-821-6622). The evaluation fee is $35 and will be applied to any training purchase (except group classes).

Or fill out our Training and Behavior Questionnaire and we will call you to set up an appointment:


Daycare and Training Program For owners who can’t imagine leaving their pooch at our resort for the course of several weeks, our Daycare and Training Program is often a welcome compromise. This program allows you to drop your dog off at our resort every day, have the dog trained by an accredited trainer, and take your pooch back home with you every night. The Daycare and Training Program is also a great way to get your dog the social skills with people and other dogs that can’t easily be replicated in private sessions alone. Each Daycare and Training Program includes a weekly training session with the your so your can maintain the same training techniques at home. Ready to see how this program can be tailored for your individual needs? Set up an evaluation today!

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