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Doggie daycare provides a welcome alternative to leaving your best friend cooped up in the house or apartment all day. After playing all day, your best friend will be ready to settle down at home with you for a relaxing evening. For dogs that suffer from anxiety when left alone, daycare can be a great help for both dog and owner.


Crossroads Pet Resort offers a very unique Doggie Daycare Program. Our Daycare dogs are grouped by an accredited trainer who pairs them with dogs of similar size, age, and temperament. This means your tiny toy poodle won’t feel overwhelmed in a sea of BIG dogs and will get the most out of playtime. Unlike some places that just throw everyone together, we want dogs to feel safe and comfortable in their play groups. We also do not discriminate against any breed of dog and we do not required that dogs be spayed/neutered (although playgroups for intact dogs may be restricted). We work hard to ensure that any dog that is social is paired with an appropriate friend. We keep our playgroups small and follow the latest standards in doggy daycare which includes rest periods throughout the day.

Each dog over 6 months of age that attends our daycare must pass a social evaluation prior to being admitted to our daycare program.

We want to be sure that every guest is safe so it is vitally important that we only pass dogs that are truly appropriate for a daycare situation. Social evaluations are administered only by one of our accredited dog trainers. They take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete although the first day of daycare is free so we encourage you to leave your dog for the day so we can get to know him or her betteSay Cheeser and ensure that proper playgroups are found. But even dogs that do not pass our social evaluation may be admitted into a Daycare and Training Program. If you do not wish to put your non-social dog into training, daycare is still available at an additional daily fee. Your dog will receive walks or playtime with our attendants but will not go out with other dogs. Dogs that are not social with people are only admitted if in a training program.

Social evaluations are $30 and done by appointment only.  Call our office at (714) 821-6622 to schedule.

In addition to completing a social evaluation with one of our trainers, all daycare dogs must be current on all vaccines. A copy of a current shot record will be required on your first visit. You will also need to fill out basic paperwork and then after the initial visit, your dog may be dropped off without reservation, Monday through Saturday, during our regular resort hours.

Come for a tour and let your dog play!We offer large, outdoor grass play yards, lots of fresh air, a friendly, attentive staff, and with over 30 years experience and at our current location since 1996 we have experience that few can match. And, we Love Dogs!! Our staff genuinely cares about each and every dog and treats each as if it were their own. Come see why we are the Best Doggie Daycare in Orange County. (Tours offered between 11 am and 3 pm Monday through Friday or by appointment).

 CROSSROADS PET TAXI SERVICE We will be more than happy to pick-up or drop-off your pet with our friendly, dependable Pet Taxi Service!
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