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Dog & Cat Boarding is a safe and secure option when you need to leave your Best Friend behind. Crossroads Pet Resort has spent the last 19 years refining our dog and cat boarding services to offer the highest quality resort-like experience for your pet. We work hard to offer individualized attention for our dog & cat boarding so that every pet has a safe, comfortable stay while you are away.

Dog & Cat boarding - Cozy and content

Sound asleep with my monkey!

With our dog boarding, during the day, dogs spend time in the fresh air, with plenty of shelter, shade and fresh water. Social Dogs may enjoy the company of other dogs while dogs that are not social spend quiet time alone and with our kennel staff. All dogs enjoy time out in our large grass play yards, either in social groups, or one-on-one with our attendants. At night, each dog sleeps indoors with private accommodations and soft bedding.

Dog Boarding also includes two healthy meals per day of premium kibble. Each dog goes home with an individualized report card informing you how your friend did while staying with us. Please see our Dog Boarding page for more detailed information about our various canine boarding programs.

Dog & Cat boarding  - safe, secure & soundly sleeping

Fast asleep, safe & secure

Crossroads is not just for the dogs! Cats enjoy a quiet room of their own, with individual cat condos with plenty of room to climb, eat and sleep. Private exercise is also available for cats that enjoy interacting with humans!

We also offer boarding for birds and other caged pets.

Let Crossroads be your pet’s home away from home!

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In order to board, all vaccinations must be current and have been administered at least 10 days prior to boarding. Dogs staying with us for 3 days or more will be given a bath prior to departure. If you do not want your dog bathed, please be sure to mention this to our staff upon check-in.

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