Can My Dog Eat That? Foods that can harm your pet.

After sharing our dog food research and encouraging variety in your dog’s diet, we thought that maybe we should share things that your dog SHOULD NOT eat. Some things on the list are general knowledge but some might surprise you! Some things yo order generic levitra u would never consider giving your dog, but may be around the house and problematic if your dog would help himself. A dog’s metabolism is quite different from ours, so just because... Read More

Great Mysteries of Dog Food, Part 3

In this third and final part of our dog food study series, we will share what we learned about the different types of food available and the pros and cons of each. (We will not make brand suggestions). Dry vs canned We’ve all been told th buy cialis no prescription at dry is better because it helps keep the dog’s teeth clean, right? Well, many pet nutritionists suggest that canned food may be better because it contains fewer preservatives, less... Read More

The Great Mysteries of Dog Food, Part 2

In our last post, we looked at things that should and should not be found in dog food. In this second part of our series on the maze of dog food selections, we look at the value of protein, carbs and other ingredients in a dog food. Starting w cialis soft tabs ith protein – High levels of protein are recommended for dogs with high activity levels and/or high stress levels. Heavy dogs may loose more weight on a high protein, low carb diet than a... Read More

The Great Mysteries of Dog Food

When it comes to dog food, the selections seem almost endless: Kibble, canned, semi-moist, breed-specific, holistic, grain-free, high protein, puppy, adult, all life-stages, prescription diets, raw diets….how do you choose? At Crossroads, we p buy cialis without prescription rovide food as part of our boarding services. We naturally want to provide the best food at the best cost. Recognizing that no single food will suit every single dog, but also... Read More


There is nothing more important that having a well-behaved and well-socialized dog that is a loved part of the family. This typically doesn’t happen automatically and does take some work to achieve. But the best time to start is while your pupp best price cialis y is still young and impressionable, with no established bad habits to overcome. Crossroads offers puppy parties for puppies old enough to have had at least one set of shots and up... Read More

He “Knows” He Did Something Wrong…

Have you ever come home to find that your dog has destroyed your shoes, or emptied the trash all over the floor, or eliminated in the house, or did some other unacceptable behavior? And, as soon as you walk in, your dog gets that “guilty” look? You know the one, head and eyes averted, tail tucked, body slinked down. This is the look that causes owners to report, “he knows what he did”. We hear this all the time but in truth, what your dog... Read More

May 15th -21st is Internation Dog Bite Prevention Week

It is an unfortunate fact that 50% of all children in the U.S. will be bitten by a dog by their 12th birthday. It is also unfortunate that many people blame this on vicious dogs running loose, and often on specific breeds, yet most bit viagra canadian pharmacy es are actually from the family dog or from a dog that the child knows. To help prevent dog bites public education is critical. We must teach children (and their parents) the proper way to... Read More

Crossroads Pet Resort is back with a new website

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